ABSTRACT: Local wisdom to Gunung Sari Forest is important component in the forest management, because society still utilize the forest potency for daily activity. This research aims to findout local wisdom that consists of value, norm, ethics, faith, customs, customary law andspecific behavior, also the characteristic of society is age, education, ethnics, occupationand gender, in the management of Gunung Sari Forest, Singkawang. The Method that isused is survey through interview. Data collection is collected by purposively sampling.Data accumulation that has been taken is 86 respondents as hous holder that has been living for more than 5 years with minimum age limit 17 years old and married. Respondents that have been collected from three RT in Pasiran Village consist of RT 30,RT 31, RT 59. Data analysis is analyzed with descriptive qualitative and triangulationtechnic. The result of this research is the importance role of local wisdom which is a component that related in the effort of management in customs and community culture that have been inherited to generations, in managing the Gunung Sari forest at Pasiran Village,Singkawang Barat District, Singkawang City, as area that needs to be preserved anddeveloped, so that the forest potency could give a good impact and positive contributions. Moreover the characteristic background of the community consists of vary ages, education,occupations, and genders can give its own unqieness in a local wisdom to social lifes.
Keyword: Forest Management, Gunung Sari Forest, Local Wisdom
Penulis: Dwi Kartikasari, H.A. Oramahi, M. Idham
Kode Jurnal: jpkehutanandd170041

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