ABSTRACT: Preference of food product is influenced by personal characteristics (age, sex, education, income, and nutrient knowledge), food characteristics (taste, shape, and texture) and also surroundings characteristics (job, number of family, mobility, and season). Pancake hassome attributes such as texture, colour, taste, and aroma. These attributes will influenceconsumer likes. The aims of this research are to determine the attributes of consumer preference appraisal and to know the order of consumer preference toward pancake made of breadfruit flour. The method used in this research is conjoint analysis. Attributes and their level is determined by asking for some respondents (questionaire) to collect data of consumerpreference of this product. The results (measured by utility value) of this research are: texture (rather soft) 0,029; colour (golden yellow) 0,112; taste (sweet) 0,021; and aroma (usual) 0,566. The priority of consumer’s decision making toward pancake made of breadfruit are: aroma (49,745%), texture (19,925%), colour (19,628%), and taste (10,702%).
KEYWORDS: consumer preference, attributes, pancake, bradfruit, flour, conjoint method, priority
Penulis: Sitti Rosipah, Burhan, Umi Purwandari
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd130538

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