Implementasi Maximum Power Point Tracking pada Photovoltaic Berbasis P&O-Fuzzy

Abstract: Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology is an alternative solution to improve efficiency of solar cells (photovoltaic). The main part of MPPT technology is DC-DC converter circuit and control algorithm. This paper proposes a control algorithm Perturbation and Observe (P&O)-Fuzzy on MPPT, which can improve the efficiency of solar cells, and simultaneously comparing the control algorithms P&O and P&O-Fuzzy. Synchronous buck converter is used to reduce the voltage of solar cells. The buck converter is controlled using P&O and P&O-Fuzzy algorithms. These algorithms use two inputs; change of power and change of voltage, produced by the solar cell. MPPT technology has been tested using solar cells with a capacity of 50 Watt as a source of electrical energy, battery 12V/45aH as energy storage, and resistor as load. The test results indicate that the P&O algorithm has an efficiency of 86% with rise time (tr) and steady state time (ts) at 0.45 seconds, while the P&O-Fuzzy algorithm has an efficiency of 89% with rise time (tr) and steady state time (ts) at 0.3 seconds.
Kata Kunci: PPT, Sel surya, P&O, P&O-Fuzzy
Penulis: Machmud Effendy, Nur Alif Mardiyah, Khusnul Hidayat
Kode Jurnal: jptlisetrodd170467

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