Smart City Construction Assessment System Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process-Quality Changsha as the Case

Abstract: With the rapid development of science and technology and the accelerated pace of urbanization, the construction of smart city has been also widely spread across our country. Although smart city construction is making progress, the smart city assessment system has been barely used to evaluate the situation of smart city construction. Therefore, a case study of “Quality Changsha” has been covered in this paper and the AHP (analytic hierarchy process) has been employed in this case to assess the smart construction of Changsha from five aspects: intelligent infrastructure services, intelligent manageability, intelligent services, intelligent economy and intelligent security system, which totally involve 18 indexes. And a conclusion was also made by combining the research results and actual situation of Changsha city.
Keywords: Smart city, analytic hierarchy process, assessment index, Changsha city
Author: Yongbo Liu, Xiangdong Zhu
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160119

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