Flight Reliability of Multi Rotor UAV Based on Genetic Algorithm

Abstract: The UAV system has been widely applied in various military and civil fields. This technology mainly is applied to radar positioning, wild fire management, agricultural monitoring, environmentalmonitoring, aerial photography and search and rescue mission. It conducts real-time monitoring andcontrol on the inclination angle, inclination angle speed and accelerated speed of inclination angle basedon the flight attitude control of the multi rotor UVA. Secondly, it controls the swing deflection of rotor, motor speed, inclination angle control and speed based on the optimal solution ability to overall search of the genetic algorithm to achieve the real time optimization of parameters. Then, it establishes the servo unit with direct torque current which will be combined with the sliding mode controller to reconfigure the slidingmode variable structure controller with direct torque to carry out control on the motor balance in advance. The experiment results show that the servo unit with direct torque current together with genetic algorithmrealizes the error correction of the hovering rotor of UVA; during the dynamic control of the UAV fight, the gyroscope is sensitive to the change of the aerial carrier attitude and then the correction to the drift of gyroscope can be realized to provide stable reliability control for the whole UAV flight.
Keywords: UAV; Flight reliability; Genetic algorithm; Motor speed; Angle; Controller
Author: Huang Ronghui, Li Xun, Zhang Xin, Pei Huikun
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160118

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