Railway Signal Distributed Computer Control Switch Module

Abstract: With the continuous miniaturization, electrical, high-speed and intelligent of railway signal equipment, the control switch module must have higher safety, reliability and anti-interference ability. Under this background, this paper studied the railway signal distributed computer control switch module. First of all, this paper introduced the main supporting technology of distributed interlocking system. These technologies mainly include solid state switch technology, fault tree analysis (FTA) technology, security and reliability design technology and so on. Then, this paper made clear the function requirement of the control switch module according to the characteristics of distributed computer interlocking system and the electrical characteristics of the circuit switch of the machine interface. Moreover, this paper made clear thedesign method of hardware circuit and software. In the aspect of hardware, this paper mainly analyzed the working principle of the switch control circuit, express acquisition circuit and the communication circuit. In the aspect of software design, this paper focused on the principle and work flow of the micro control unit (MCU) initialization, circuit control and the representation of information detection and so on. Finally, this paper used the fault tree analysis method to carry on the depth analysis of the security of the module. And the analysis results show that the railway signal distributed computer control switch module has a high reliability degree, safety degree and fault-Safety degree. At the same time, the module also meets the system's security index.
Keywords: distributed control, control switch module, security
Author: Hualin Chen, Lan Chen
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160086

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