Energy Balance Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Simulation Potential Field

Abstract: An energy balance protocol for wireless sensor networks based on simulation potential field has been proposed to address disadvantages of existing sensor network such as it takes inadequate consideration of residual node energy and is to the disadvantage of improvement of network service lifeand reduction of networking cost. Firstly, studies have been conducted on structure and model of wireless video sensor network to figure out its network structure, energy consumption model and perceptual model; secondly, cluster head selection has been conducted from the perspective of energy consumption balance based on abovementioned models in order to improve network service life effectively. Sensing direction of sensor nodes has also been adjusted with utilization of virtual potential field in order to enlarge coverage range of sensor nodes and to reduce networking cost; finally, it has been proved by comparing simulation experiment regarding the algorithm that the proposed protocol can improve network service life and signal coverage rate of video monitoring area efficiently.
Keywords: Sensor network; Simulation potential field; Video data; Coverage rate; Service life
Author: Chang Kun, Dong Beier
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160085

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