Quantitative Analysis of Plant Growth Exposed to Electric Fields

Abstract: Electromagnetic radiations present in the environment has a profound effect on the growth of vegetable plant primarily grown under the high power transmission lines. The high electric field generated due to the ultra high voltage causes the increase and reduction in the size of the plants. Numerous research has been carried out to investigate the effect of electric field on the plants. However, the knowledge in term of quantitative analysis on the effect of electric field on the growth of vegetables is not entirely understood. Thus, this paper presents a study conducted to investigate the effect of high voltage DC electric fields on the young vegetable growth namely ‘Choy Sam’ and bean sprout. The experimental setup was designed which composed of two parallel plate electrodes. An electric field intensity of 38 kV/m was supplied between those two plate electrodes, and it was applied to the young vegetables. This research was focused on the percentage of germination and growing rate of young vegetables. The experiment was divided into two parts. The first part was to test whether there was an effect towards young vegetables exposed to or not exposed to electric fields. The second part of the experiment was to test the effect of electric fields treated water towards young vegetables. The numbers of seed, temperature and relative humidity were controlled. The changing of vegetables was observed for 8 hours per day for two weeks (Choy Sam) and one week (bean sprout). The growth of the young vegetables during exposure was calculated by using statistical methods. The analysis of the results showed that the electric fields and the electric fields treated water have influenced the germination rate and height of stems of both young vegetables causing the increase in stem height.
Keywords: Electromagnetic, Electric Field, DC High Voltage, Choy Sam, Bean Sprout
Author: Hussein Ahmad
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160196

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