Purification of Rotor Center's Orbit Based on Singular Value Decomposition

Abstract: Targeting at refinement of rotor center’s orbit, a novel purification method was presented by using singular value decomposition. Firstly, the original vibration signal was reconstructed in phase space by Hankel matrix; then the attractor track matrix was decomposed with singular value decomposition. Secondly, aiming at determine reconstruction order number of singular values, the concept of energy difference spectrum of singular values was defined; then the reconstruction order number was determined according to the peak position of the energy difference spectrum. Finally, the effectiveness of the method was proved by simulation and successful purification of rotor center’s orbits coming from the miniature testbed and the turbine generator units in the power plant. And the results of comparing the performances of the proposed method to the harmonic window and the ensemble empirical mode decomposition (EEMD) purification method show the proposed method can retain the original signal characteristic effectively and eliminate noises as much as possible. It will provide a new way for rotor center’s orbit purification.
Keywords: singular value decomposition, energy difference spectrum of singular value, rotor center’s orbit, purification
Author: Wenbin Zhang, Dewei Guo, Libin Yu, Jie Min, Yasong Pu, Wei Xiong
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160037

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