On Line Monitoring of Partial Discharge in High Voltage Cables

Abstract: Now China vigorously develop urban underground cable, the scale of the underground power grid is gradually expanding, the voltage level of the high voltage cable from the original 23 35kV to kV, and then to 110kV and even 220kV rising. In cable trench, different levels of voltage cable mixed, ditch perenniallyhumid, even perennial water and power cable trench no monitoring equipment for use, thus for on-line monitoring caused a lot of difficulties. On line detection is the key technology for signal extraction and anti interference technology. In this paper, a scheme of real-time partial discharge on-line monitoring for high voltage cables is designed.
Keywords: Real time partial discharge on-line detection, High voltage cable, Signal extraction technique, Anti interference technology
Author: Qiang Gao
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160036

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