Potentiometric Glucose Detection by Paper-based Electrochemical Sensor on CMOS Chip

Abstract: This paper presents a low cost portable medical device for biochemical sensor using CMOS chip and paper-based fluidic channel. We measured a potential produced by enzyme activity of glucosebetween the working and reference electrode on CMOS chip. A liquid sample is transported by paperbased fluidic channel, which is made of chromatography paper and silicone resin, and consists of the area for filtering a sample (filter layer) and that for reacting enzyme (enyzme layer). The paper-based fluidic channel is used by combining CMOS chip, and the solution with glucose is dropped from top of the paperbased fluidic channel. The concentrations of glucose are detected by potentiometry (open circuit potential time). The experimental results show that the glucose concentration is measured by CMOS chip and paper-based fluidic channel.
Keywords: CMOS LSI chip, paper-based fluidic channel, electrochemical detection, glucose , open circuit potential time
Author: Katsuyuki Yamaoka, Jun Eguchi, Shigeyasu Uno
Journal Code: jptkomputergg170077

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