Correlation of Objective Assessment of Facial Paralysis with House-Brackmann Score

Abstract: This article illustrated a brief review of some objective methods in assessing facial nerve function for facial nerve paralysis which were correlated with House-Brackmann Grading System (HBGS). A rigorous search of online databases such as Springer, Elsevier and IEEE was conducted from June, 2015 to November, 2016 to discover and analyze the previous works in facial nerve assessment methods forfacial paralysis. Several domains such as facial grading system and methods used to evaluate the facialnerve function were extracted for further analysis. Different keywords were used to acquire the studiesbased on the desire criteria. A total of 8 articles were identified and were analyzed for inclusion in thissearch. In conclusion, this review has presented an initial overview for further improvements in objective facial nerve assessment which has to be correlated with subjective assessment to make it more reliable and useful in clinical practice.
Keywords: facial nerve assessment, facial nerve paralysis, house-brackmann, facial grading system, facial rehabilitation
Author: Wan Syahirah W Samsudin
Journal Code: jptkomputergg170078

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