Internet Protocol Based Satellite On-Board System

Abstract: The reliability of satellite data communication can be enhanced by designing two subsystems involving data communication among subsystem and data communication between satellie and GroundStation (GS). In this paper, Error Control Coding (ECC) is applied in satellite data communication withAutomatic Repeat Request (ARQ) method. Further, bit error checking uses the calculation of 15 bit CyclicRedundancy Check (CRC) Controller Area Network (CAN) standard. The calculation of CRC is attached in CAN frame over IP communication protocol between primary OBC and secondary OBC. OBC is designedby implementing Triple Modular Redundant system on a Linux-based operating system. The CAN frameover IP simulation with manual input is found to correct all corrupted data. When the simulation uses NetEM, the system corrects 100 % data with 0-10 % value of corruption with maximum time transfer of84.472 seconds. ION DTN is also found to correct all corrupted data with values from 0 to 2 % andmaximum delay at an altitude of 50,000 kilometer orbit using NetEm for TMTC mission. The testing results show that the system will keep carrying out its mission as long as a fault does not occur on all three OBC at the same time.
Keywords: OBC, ECC, CAN frame over IP, CRC, triple modular redundant
Author: Emir Husni, Nazmi Febrian, Angga Putra
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160287

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