Classification of Motorcyclists not Wear Helmet on Digital Image with Backpropagation Neural Network

Abstract: One of the world’s leading causes of death is traffic accidents. Data from World Health Organization (WHO) that there are 1.25 million people in the world die each year. Meanwhile, based ondata obtained from Statistics Indonesia, traffic accidents from 2006 to 2013 continue to increase. Of allthese accidents, the largest accident occurred at motorcyclists, especially motorcyclists who not wearing standard helmet. In controlling the motorcyclists, police view directly at the highway, so that there are weaknesses which there are still a possibility of motorcyclist offenders who are undetectable especially for motorcyclists who are not wear helmet. This paper explains research on image classification of human head wearing a helmet and not wearing a helmet with backpropagation neural network algorithm. The test results of this analysis is the application can performs classification with 86.67% accuracy rate. This research can be developed into a larger system and integrated that can be used to detect motorcyclists who are not wearing helmet.
Keywords: traffic accidents, classification, not wearing a helmet, backpropagation neural network
Author: Sutikno, Indra Waspada, Nurdin Bahtiar, Priyo Sidik Sasongko
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160288

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