Hybrid Hierarchical Collision Detection Based on Data Reuse

Abstract: To improve the efficiency of collision detection between rigid bodies in complex scenes, this paper proposes a method based on hybrid bounding volume hierarchies for collision detection. In order to improve the simulation performance, the method is based on weighted oriented bounding box and makes dense sampling on the convex hulls of the geometric models. The hierarchical bounding volume tree is composed of many layers. The uppermost layer adopts a cubic bounding box, while lower layers employ weighted oriented bounding box. In the meantime, the data of weighted oriented bounding box is reused for triangle intersection check. We test the method using two scenes. The first scene contains two Buddha models with totally 361,690 triangle facets. The second scene is composed of 200 models with totally 115, 200 triangle facets. The experiments verify the effectiveness of the proposed method.
Keywords: collision detection, hierarchical structure, data reuse
Author: Jiancai Hu, Kejing He, Xiaobin Lin, Funan Lin
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160301

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