Brightness and Contrast Modification in Ultrasonography Images Using Edge Detection Results

Abstract: Currently, ultrasonography device become important equipment for supporting diagnosis in diesases. Unfortunetaly, a lot of ultrasonography images do not provide enough information for supporting diagnosis especially images produced by low-resolution ultrasonography. It is caused by image quality that has been produced is inadequate because of noise. This research aims to improve image quality bymodifying brightness and contrast to the edge detection algorithms. By modifying the brightness andcontrast will cause the value of standard deviation of the ultrasonography image is lowered. Raising setting values will cause deviation standard value become smaller, and also the result of standard deviation is inversely proportional to the value of RMSE. The results show that this modification can improve image quality by reducing noise significantly.
Keywords: ultrasonography image, low resolution, brightness, contrast, standard deviation, reducing noise
Author: Retno Supriyanti
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160300

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