Effect of Pump Dithering at Each Stage of Cascaded Fiber Optical Parametric Amplifier

Abstract: Cascaded fiber optical parametric amplifier (FOPA) can enhance gain and bandwidth. The gain and bandwidth can be further enhanced by dithering the FOPA pump. However, to our knowledge, theeffects of a pump dithering at every stage of cascaded FOPA have not been discussed. The study ofperformance at every stage of cascaded FOPA is quite interesting and beneficial in designing the system.Here, we analyzed, using OptiSystem software, each stage of a cascaded FOPA, when there was a pumpdithering and not. The results showed that the pump dithering enhanced the gain and broaden thebandwidth at every stage. The gain and bandwidth obtained with the pump dithering were 27 dB and 20nm, respectively. On the other hand, when there was no pump dithering, the gain and bandwidth were 9 dB and 12 nm, respectively.
Keywords: fiber optical parametric amplifier; pump dithering; four-wave mixing
Author: Fatin Nabilah Mohamad Salleh
Journal Code: jptkomputergg170032

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