Dynamic Mechanistic Modeling of Air Temperature and Humidity in the Greenhouses with On-Off Actuators

Abstract: The mechanistic models of greenhouse microclimate can be used as the simulators for designing new control strategies. According to the on-off characteristics of the actuators in greenhouse in China, the operating state of a greenhouse was divided into several sub-states, and new mechanistic models of greenhouse air temperature and humidity were built. In order to validate the new models, the relevant environmental factors under three sub-states were measured in a glass greenhouse. The mean square error of greenhouse air temperature and relative humidity are 0.57°C and 2.8% respectively. These results indicate that the new models are suitable for the development of energy-saving control strategies of greenhouse microclimate in future.
Keywords: mechanistic model, air temperature, relative humidity, greenhouse, on-off actuators
Author: Zhenfeng Xu, Junjie Chen, Qiaowei Zhang, Yinyin Gu
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160090

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