Construction and Realization for Multi-dimensional Database Based on RDBMS

Abstract: Based on ArcSDE, this paper has proposed a new construction and management method for spatial database which has better performance than the traditional method. Up to now, there are four kinds of management about GIS database:whole file pattern, the combination pattern of file and DBMS, whole DBMS pattern and object oriented pattern. In fact, the two former ones is managed by separating spatialdata and attribute data, which results into many problem: the low query efficiency, the higher managementdifficulty, the problem of data communion, etc. Object oriented pattern, however, still need furtherresearch. So, for a long space it is still need DBMS co-work to constructe spatial database.ArcSDE is a server software product of ESRI used to access massively large multiuser geographic databases stored in relational database management systems (RDBMS). Being different from other database product (OracelSpatial), ArcSDE provides a suite of services that enhance data management performance, extend the range of data types that can be stored in a RDBMS, enable schema portability between RDBMSs, and offer configuration flexibility.
Keywords: ArcSDE, database, Spatial
Author: Feng He, Wang Yu
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160089

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