Design of the Old Age Living Room Based on the Interconnection of Multi Agent

Abstract: With the development of the Internet of Things, as the typical application of the Internet of Things, smart home becomes one of the industries which are most favored by the market in the current Internet of Things industry. Home security system is of research significance as the key part in construction of home. The traditional home security system is characterized with poor flexibility, short distance of transmission and high cost. The mobile phone home security system suggested in the Thesis is featured by such advantages as convenience and low cost. Firstly, the importance of home security system and the development situations in the recent years are presented. Then, the system functions are described and the overall design is made, while the detailed design of the system is made from such four aspects as the front-end node software, gateway software, protocol message formation and client application software design of Android mobile phones. Finally, Android client application software is verified simply, and the result proves that the system operates smoothly and stably with wide application value.
Keywords: Security system; Home; Smart interconnection; Communication protocol
Author: Yuan Lin, Sylvain Bureau
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160107

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