Campus Network Management Scheme of Wireless Network User Data Mining

Abstract: To improve the coverage rate of wireless sensor network node in the campus and prolong network lifetime, an optimization method for network node coverage based on escape particle swarmalgorithm has been proposed on the basis of analyzing defects of basic particle swarm optimizationalgorithm. Firstly, with network coverage rate as optimization objective, escape particle swarm algorithm is adopted for solving and genetic algorithm crossover mechanism is introduced during the solving process to maintain the diversity of particle swarm and prevent “precocity”. In addition, momentum algorithm is adopted to smooth particle searching path, accelerate convergence rate and finally performance of the algorithm is tested through simulation experiment.
Keywords: Campus network; Wireless sensor network; Coverage optimization; Particle swarm algorithm; Crossover operation
Author: Tang Xiaokang, Jeong Nyeo Kim
Journal Code: jptkomputergg160106

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