Scanning-fluorescence Reader Based on Embedded System

Abstract: To measure the concentration of C-reactive protein (CRP) in serum, a portable, scanning-fluorescence reader based on time-resolved fluoroimmunoassays was developed. The scanning-fluorescence reader integrates with the AD7707 converter, which performs at a high accuracy. The photosensitive diode acts as the photoelectric conversion device, an optical module based on optical fibers, which is able to concentrate the excitation light from an LED into a line-shape beam, was designed to sendand receive the optical signal. The device subsequently addresses waveform data using a gradient, smoothing, and binarization method. When the device measures the CRP fluorescence test strip, the results exhibited a good linearity (0.99998) and the CVs (coefficient of variation) were below 5%, which indicate high accuracy. At the same time the system is low cost and small size.
Keywords: fluorescence test strip, time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay, embedded system, scanningfluorescence reader
Author: Zhonglong Zhao, Xiaoping Min, Shengxiang Ge, Ningshao Xia
Journal Code: jptkomputergg150129

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