A Fractal Image Compression Method Based on Multi-Wavelet

Abstract: How to effectively store and transmit such multi-media files as image and video has become a research hotspot. The traditional compression algorithms have a relatively low compression ratio and bad quality of decoded image, at present, the fractal image compression method with a higher compression ratio fails to meet the requirements of the practical applications in the quality of the compressed image as well as the coding and decoding time. This paper integrates fractal thought and multi-wavelet transform and proposes a fractal image compression algorithm based on multi-wavelet transform. To transform the image model into a combination of relevant elements in the frequency domain instead of merely building on the foundation of the neighborhood gray-scale correlation has the ability to code larger image blocks, eliminates the possibility of global correlation in the image and improves the coding speed of the existing fractal image compression algorithm. The experimental result shows that the algorithm proposed in this paper can accelerate the coding speed of the present fractal image compression and have certain self-adaptivity while slightly reducing the quality of decoding image.
Keywords: multi-wavelet, fractal theory, image compression
Author: Yan Feng, Hua Lu, XiLiang Zeng
Journal Code: jptkomputergg150130

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