Pre-Timed and Coordinated Traffic Controller Systems Based on AVR Microcontroller

Abstract: The major weaknesses of traffic controllers in Indonesia are unable to accommodate the variety of traffic volume and unable to be coordinated. To solve the problem, a pre-timed and coordinated traffic controller system is build. The system consists of a master and a local controller. Each controller has a database containing signal-timing plans that would be allocated to manage vehicle flows. To synchronize the signal-timing, the master controller sends the synchronization data to the local controller wirelessly and the local controller shifts the end of a cycle by adding or subtracting the green interval of any phases. The transition time for synchronization only takes one to several cycles. The algorithm for controlling the traffic including coordination can be done by an AVR microcontroller. Memory usage of the microcontroller is lower than 10% meanwhile the CPU utilization is no more than 1%, thus the systems could be widely developed.
Keywords: traffic controller, pre-timed, coordinated, AVR microcontroller
Author: Freddy Kurniawan, Denny Dermawan, Okto Dinaryanto, Mardiana Irawati
Journal Code: jptkomputergg140116

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