Model of Multilevel Sub-Image to Find the Position of Region of Interest

Abstract: Searching image is based on the image content, which is often called with searching of image object. If the image data has similarity object with query image then it is expected the searching process can recognize it. The position of the image object that contains an object, which is similar to the query image, is possible can be found at any positionon image data so that will become main attention or the region of interest (ROI). This image object can has different wide image, which is wider or smaller than the object on the query image. This research uses two kinds of image data sizes that are in size of 512X512 and in size of 256X256 pixels.Through experimental result is obtained that preparing model of multilevel sub-image and resize that has same size with query image that is in size of 128X128 pixels can help to find ROI position on image data. In order to find the image data that is similar to the query image then it is done by calculating Euclidean distance between query image feature and image data feature.
Keywords: image feature, region of interest (ROI), Euclidean distance
Author: Budi Hartono, Veronica Lusiana
Journal Code: jptinformatikagg160034

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