Expert System for Determination of Type Lenses Glasses Using Forward Chaining Method

Abstract: One of the branches of computer science that is widely used by humans to help her work is the establishment of an expert system. In this study we will design an expert system for determining the type of spectacle lenses using a forward chaining method. In forward chaining method, starting with the initial information (early symptoms) and moved forward to fit more information to find the information in accordance with the rules of the knowledge base and production, and will be concluded in the form of the type of disorder diagnosis of eye disorders and provide solutions in the form of lenses of eyeglasses. Result from this study is that the match calculation of algorithm of forward chaining method between system and manual calculations produce the same output.
Keywords: forward chaining method, the type of eyeglass lenses, eye abnormalities disorders, expert systems
Author: Atikah Ari Pramesti, Riza Arifudin, Endang Sugiharti
Journal Code: jptinformatikagg160033

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