High Recognition Ratio Image Processing Algorithm of Micro Electrical Components in Optical Microscope

Abstract: In order to process small components of original image under the microscope, firstly, this paper adopts median filtering algorithm to enhance targets; and the targets are sharpened by using lateral inhibition algorithm, the edge of targets is outlined. In order to get reliable target region, adaptive threshold segmentation algorithm is used to extract need target region, and characteristics of target is used to distinguish multiple targets. Based on the chip resistor, one tiny component, in the captured image, we judge if the chip resistor is qualified by calculating the pixels area values. The experimental results show that, the image processing algorithm and qualified detection algorithm is reasonable, which provides the theoretical basis and implementation method of effective target extraction and further qualified test.
Keywords: electrical components, microscope, image processing algorithm
Author: Wu Jie, Zuren Feng, Lei Wang
Journal Code: jptkomputergg140097

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