Diagnostic Study Based on Wavelet Packet Entropy and Wear Loss of Support Vector Machine

Abstract: Against the problems, the ratio of signal to noise of bearing wear is low, the feature extraction is difficult, there are few fault samples and it is difficult to establish the reliable fault recognition model, the diagnostic method is put forward based on wavelet packet features and bearing wear loss of SVM. Firstly, choose comentropy with strong fault tolerance as characteristic parameter, then through wavelet packet decomposition, extract feature entropy of wavelet packet in fault sensitivity band as input vector and finally, apply the Wrapper method of least square SVM to choose optimal character subset. The application in actual bearing fault diagnosis indicates the effectiveness of the proposed method in the article.
Keywords: bearing wear loss, wavelet packet feature entropy, SVM, optimization
Author: Yunjie Xu, Shudong Xiu
Journal Code: jptkomputergg140098

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