Attack and Vulnerability Penetration Testing: FreeBSD

Abstract: Computer system security has become a major concern over the past few years. Attacks, threats or intrusions, against computer system and network have become commonplace events. However, there are some system devices and other tools that are available to overcome the threat of these attacks. Currently, cyber attack is a major research and inevitable. This paper presents some steps of penetration in FreeBSD operating system, some tools and new steps to attack used in this experiment, probes for reconnaissance, guessing password via brute force, gaining privilege access and flooding victim machine to decrease availability. All these attacks were executed and infiltrate within the environment of Intrusion Threat Detection Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (ITD UTM) data set. This work is expected to be a reference for practitioners to prepare their systems from Internet attacks.
Keywords: attack, dataset, intrusion detection system, threat
Author: Deris Stiawan, Mohd. Yazid Idris, Abdul Hanan Abdullah
Journal Code: jptkomputergg130063

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