The Improvement of Chord Protocol about Structured P2P System

Abstract: Chord protocol is one of the most classical protocols in structured P2P system, with the good effect, reliability, high query efficiency, and many other advantages. However, Chord agreement remains two main shortcomings the one that the searching speed of resources is slower, and the other that the detention of routing is higher. This paper in view of these shortcomings, combination with modification, then put forward the new Chord structure that super nodes and common nodes coexist, super nodes management general nodes. The new structure using Zipf-law determines the proportion of super nodes and ordinary nodes. The last, the new structure is simulated by simulation software, and the improved Chord protocol make better the previous shortcoming through the new structure compares with the Chord protocol.
Keywords: chord protocol, P2P system, structure
Author: Yong Chen, Long-zhao Sun, Huan-lin Liu, Wei-zhong Xiao
Journal Code: jptkomputergg130062

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