A Threshold Based Handover Triggering Scheme in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

Abstract: The widespread popularity of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) is recognized as an effective approach to complementing cellular networks for the high data rate and cost effective connectivity delivered to mobile users. Efficient handover and offloading schemes for integrated WLAN and cellular networks, referred to as Heterogeneous Wireless Networks, have thus attracted lots of attentions from both academia and industry. This paper proposes a novel Multiple-Threshold based Triggering (MTT) scheme for Cellular-to-WLAN handover control. Aiming at minimizing the probability of handover failures and unnecessary handovers, three thresholds are calculated based on a variety of network parameters such as system performance requirements, radius of the WLAN coverage, user mobility and handover delays. The thresholds are then compared against the predicted user residence time and estimated channel holding time inside WLAN to make vertical handover decisions (VHDs). Simulations were carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of MTT and results show that MTT minimizes handover failures and avoids unnecessary handovers in integrated cellular and WLAN networks, thus providing satisfactory Quality of Service (QoS) to users and improving system resource utilization.
Keywords: integrated networks, vertical handover decision, handover failures, unnecessary handovers, QoS
Author: Liming Chen, Qing Guo, Zhenyu Na, Kaiyuan Jiang
Journal Code: jptkomputergg140027

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