Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Bursa Kerja Sebagai Pendukung Seleksi Awal Calon Pelamar Berbasis Web (Studi Kasus PT Jawa Pos Koran)

Abstract: Jawa Pos is one newspaper that has been published in Surabaya. Income earned from Jawa Pos Koran sourced from the volume of ads published, including job advertisements. To maintain the existing business, Jawa Pos want to expand the business to the electronic media, without having to sacrifice the newspaper business. Jawa Pos wanted to develop an online job market that is superior to the online job market that has existed until now.
The problems that exist today are Jawa Pos want to develop applications with the advantages of the job market can assist in the recruitment of Job Providers. To make it happen, theresulting job market applications able to support the initial selection of candidates Job Applicants. To obtain reliable results, the application of job market using the method of Promethee.
Experimental results show that the labor market resulting application can connect the Job Providers and Job Applicants. Applications labor market can support the initial selection process of recruitment by the Job Providers with their recommendation using methods Promethee suitability criteria, so as to distinguish with other job market applications. Thus, the application of the jobmarket can help Jawa Pos in expanding the market share of business in the world of electronics.
Keywords: advertising, applications, opportunities, online, recruitment
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