Penjadwalan Flexible Job Shop: Studi Kasus PT. X

Abstract: Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) is characterized by process and routing flexibility which gives several machines in the facility has more than one process capabilities. However, high investment is needed to implement FMS. As a consequence, equipment on FMS must be operated in full utilization to overcome the fixed cost incurred. Furthermore, customers want their product delivered on time. Hence, good planning and scheduling play important role to achieve these goals. The resource allocation problem in FMS to fulfill customers’ satisfaction can be modeled by Flexible Job Shop Problem (FJSP) using lateness criteria. Mixed integer programming is used to solve the Flexible Job Shop problem.
Keywords: flexible job shop; FMS; integer programming
Penulis: Bobby Kurniawan, Ade Irman S M
Kode Jurnal: jptindustridd150583

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