Abstract: Rhinoceros beetle (Oryctes rhinoceros L.) can live optimally with the support of a suitable ecological factors. Ecological factors which include habitat waste organic materials of vegetation, the natural enemies, the season, and the weather factors (such as:temperature, rainfalls, and humidity) were investigated by their effects on the population structure of the Rhinoceros beetle during October to December 2015. This study is a survey of sampling which had been done four times, twice in the dry season and twice in the rainy season. The data were analyzed with multivariate analysis,whereas to determine the most ecological factors, it is needed a continued study by Duncan test.
The results of multivariate analysis of variance abundance of each stage of the rhinoceros beetle in some types of waste, season, temperature, habitat temperature, humidity, and moisture habitat and their interactions showed that the waste is a key ecological factor rhinoceros beetle larval development (P <0.10).
The results of further analysis by Duncan test showed that the leaf litter waste is a key factor for larval development (P <0.10), while the interaction of temperature and humidity habitat influence pupal stage (P <0.20). Results of multivariate analysis also showed that interaction between the type of waste with humidity and moisture habitat; types of waste with humidity; humidity humidity habitat with a variety of factors that affectmthe interaction of the abundance of the rhinoceros beetle larvae stage (P <0.10). The four factors that interact earlier showed important ecological factors that work together in influencing abundance rhinoceros beetle grub.
Unlike the grub abundance, pupa stage rhinoceros beetle abundance is determined by the interaction between the type of waste to the air temperature (P <0.10), or in other words, the interaction between the type of waste to the air temperature is a key factor in the development of rhinoceros beetle pupa stage. Meanwhile, the interaction between temperature humidity habitat with habitat; temperature and humidity habitat habitat as the sole factor refers to the ecological factors that influence the development of rhinoceros beetle pupa stage.
Keywords: ecological factors, Oryctes rhinoceros L., population structure, habitat, season
Penulis: Desinta Dwi Nuriyanti, Imam Widhiono, Agus Suyanto 
Kode Jurnal: jpbiologidd160197

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