ABSTRACT: This research is aimed to find out the existence of rotifers in coastal territorial water and estuaries in North Sulawesi, the most dominant type of rotifers, and their relationship with some environmental parameters such as temperature, salinity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and nutrients. The research was conducted in several locations, during different seasons and tide. The identification of rotifers revealed three types from all locations, they are B. rotundiformis, B. caudatus, B. quadridentatus, with abundance value of 1985 ind/m3; 27 ind/m3; and 214 ind/m3 respectively. B. rotundiformis was more abundance compared to other two types. The result indicates that abundance of those three rotifers are significantly different both between locations and sampling sites. To compare the abundance of those three types of rotifers in all locations shows that the abundance of B. rotundiformis in Manembonembo is not significantly different from the same species taken from Minanga, and the abundance of rotifers in Manembo-nembo and Minanga is higher compared to those in Wori and Tumpaan.
Keywords: Brachionus spp, abundance
Penulis: Joice R.T.S.L Rimper
Kode Jurnal: jpperikanandd100160

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