Analisis Struktur Pengembangan Ekowisata Di Kawasan Pusat Informasi Mangrove Kota Denpasar

Abstract: Mangrove forest area at Denpasar really having potency for developed as ecotourism object. Its medley is mangrove's type at this area has function as provider of life supporting services and conveniences and mitigation of disasters. Development of forest mangrove ecotourism constitutes one system, which contain severally supporting element, that supporting elements that related each other. This research aims to determine essential element, identifying keys element sub, and doing synthesis to determine criterion of the model of ecotourism mangrove development.
This research is conducted in Mangrove Information Centre area, Suwung Kauh, Denpasar. Method of Interpretative Structural Modeling (ISM) from Saxena used to analyze structure of mangrove ecotourism development. Information gathering is done through expert meeting.
This research findings indicates that the keys sub element drive forest mangrove ecotourism system is society in territorial developmental (element of society sector that affected), empowerment of business agent, enable public policy, company social responsibility (element of program need), inconsistent of government policy (main constraint element), improvement of product market shares (recreation, business, and science) from mangrove ecotourism object (element of program objective), increasing of quality of human resources (element of yardstick to assess every target), coordination between technical institution related in the effort guarantee to achieving the objective of integrated environment conservation program (element of activity that required to action planning) and the region and center government (element of involved institute in implementing program).
Criterion in development of mangrove ecotourism, covering jobs forte step-up and society welfare at territorial developmental, environment sustainability, guarantee of amount, quality, continuity, and price of products (recreation, business, and science) from mangrove ecotourism object, improvement market accesses and profitability optimal of ecotourism object and infrastructural supporter medium at mangrove ecotourism area.
Its therefore, needed mangrove ecotourism integrated management to guarantee sustainability of resources utilization and environment protection, minimization and conflict resolution of varieties resources utilization, increasing coordination passes by sector in the plan and management, advancing functional policy integrity, risk reduction to society and environment health, and pushes private sector’s investment in mangrove ecotourism infrastructure in a whole and comprehensive system.
Keywords: development of mangrove ecotourism, management of coastal area resources, Interpretative Structural Modeling (ISM)
Penulis: Dwi Putra Darmawan
Kode Jurnal: jpperikanandd090118

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