Proses Pembuatan Serta Karakteristik Fisik Dan Kesukaan Konsumen Pada “Bay Tat” Kue Tradisional Bengkulu

ABSTRACT: This study aims to identify the techniques of production, physical characteristics and consumers preferences on the Bay Tat cake. Research was conducted at the Bay Tat cake home industries; Ricka, Ende, and Adinda. The election based on consideration of the production capacity, continuity and availability of the industry. The results showed that all three industries have different Bay Tat making techniques, so the physical characteristics are also different. The water content of Bay Tat Ricka, Ende and Adinda are respectively 16.67%, 19.07% and 16.33%. The water content of pineapple jam used in the industries are respectively 29.66%, 44.16% and 23.83%. The differences of water content affected the shelf life of cakes. Organoleptic test showed that consumers acceptance on Bay Tat cake of three industries are at level like slightly to like moderately. Bay Tat cake produced by Ende is preferred than Bay Tat cake of Ricka and Adinda.
Keyword: Bay Tat cake, home industry, water content, organoleptic test
Penulis: Hengki Faryantoni, Laili Susanti, Yessy Rosalina
Kode Jurnal: jppertaniandd150773

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