Peran Masjid Sebagai Roda Penggerak Perekonomian Masyarakat (Penelitian Deskriptif Pada PKL di Kawasan Masjid Al-Akbar Surabaya)

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to find does Al-Akbar Mosque, as a place to pray for Moslems, as place to learn about Islam and as a tourism site influence people to do an economic activity around there. The economic activity is limited at street vendors only.
This research is using qualitative approach; data are collected by interview into some street vendor and by observation. After needed data collected, the data was analyzed using descriptive qualitative approach.
It has summarized that there are two roles of Al-Akbar Mosque which influence people to do economic activities around there. First is passive role, which Al-Akbar Mosque as a mosque, as a place to learn about Islam and as a tourism site is able to attract a lot of people to come for their own purposes and it motivates the street vendors to start economic activities. The second role is an active role, if the management of Al-Akbar Mosque didn’t allow them to do so; the street vendor won’t be able to sell their things there peacefully. And it is related to Al-Akbar’s Mosque commitment as its function to empower ummah.
Keywords: Mosque, Economic Activity, Street Vendor, Economic Empowerement
Penulis: Husniyah Suryani, Siti Inayatul Faizah
Kode Jurnal: jpmanajemendd151446

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