Pengaruh Pembiayaan Dana Baitul Maal Wat Tamwil (BMT) Teladan Terhadap Kinerja Usaha Mikro di Pasar Semolowaru Surabaya

Abstract: This research aims to find out the influence of funding of BMT Teladan towards microenterprises' performances in Semolowaru’s Market Surabaya. Questionnaires are used to collect the primary data. The data is analyzed by using one of quantitative approaches which is simple regressive analysis. The samples of the analysis are 30 BMT Teladan customers who have been partners for at least one years. Purposive sampling is used as it eases the researcher to take detailed informations and it also appropriate towards the aim of the research.
The result of the research shows that the BMT Teladan funding which covers Ijarah and Murabahah financing are indeed influential towards micro-enterprises' performances in increasing earnings and asset of micro-enterpreneur in Semolowaru’s Market Surabaya.
BMT Teladan shoud provide stronger internal factors for increasing the performances of micro-enterprises such as developing and empowering human resources (microenterpreneur). The successes and failures of an enterprise or a business relies on the capability of its human resources especially in applying business strategy. In other words, the success of an enterprise is determined by the quality of its human resources as microenterpreneurs. It is hoped for the next further research to use a broaderfactor (internal and external) that influences the performance of micro-enterprises.
Keywords: Funding, Enterprise's performances, Micro-enterpreneurs
Penulis: Nurul Farida Damayanti, Sri Herianingrum
Kode Jurnal: jpmanajemendd141219

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