Pendapat Stakeholder Tentang Kesyariahan Produk-Produk Financial Derivative

Abstract: The purpose of this study is Knowing and explaining how comments from stakeholders regarding sharia product of derivatives markets and how the mechanism, as well as to Knowing whether the derivatives market activity is growing rapidly both to the individuals who are involved in it and outside it can arouse the hearts of the people of the opinion sharia and their impact on the Indonesian economy system order
This study used qualitative methods, dhelpimethod , namely by conducting interviews to stakeholders consisting of practitioners , academics , expert in jurisprudence , and representatives from the community . Supporting data obtained from the articles on the derivatives market , a book about the derivatives market , the internet , journals , and relevant parties in the field.
Results from this study is that of the third -party stakeholders , consisting of, practitioners , academics , and jurists , found in derivative transactions may be declared, and the opinion of the academics that derivative transactions including greetings “Maghrib” ( maiysir , gharar , riba ' )
Keyword: opinions stakeholders, derivative products, methods dhelpi, maiysir, gharar
Penulis: Doni Kurniawan, Nisful Laila
Kode Jurnal: jpmanajemendd141226

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