Motivasi Kerja dan Pengaruhnya Terhadap Kinerja Islam Karyawan BRI Syariah KCI Surabaya Gubeng

Abstract: Basically BRISyariah’s employee have different job motivations. Working on an Islamic environment certainly at least a little or a lot will affected their job motives, so that finnaly, it can be shown the Islamic performance employee. The aim of this research was to examine job motivation of BRISyariah KCI Surabaya Gubeng’s employee influance on their Islamic performance whether the Islamic performance assessment was affected by their motivations.
This research is quantitative research and uses linier regression analysis as analysis model. The sample in this research was obtained by purposive sampling method. Based on this method, there were 44 employees in accordance with the criteria of this research’s sample that was determined with a minimum work term of 3 months. The performance assessment was rated by each department manager where they were placed. Data collected by distributing questionnaires about their job motivation to employees and performance appraisal sheet to the manager.
The results of the research indicate that job motivation influence on the Islamic performance of BRISyariah KCI Surabaya Gubeng’s employee.
Keywords: Job Motivation, Islamic Performance Employee
Penulis: Wednesdayanti Angelia Putri, Ari Prasetyo
Kode Jurnal: jpmanajemendd141236

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