Abstract: In past few years, retail business has signifcantly improved. Company needs marketing strategy to raise their competitiveness and make a good brand equity. One of these strategy that can be used is Integrated Marketing Communication. This study aimed to examine the influence of integrated marketing communication toward brand equity. This study was a quantitative study. The sample of 150 respondents were taken by using purposive sampling. The data analysis used multiple linear regression. These fndings showed that dimension of integrated marketing communication consists of Advertising, Sales Promotion, Personal Selling, Public Relation, Direct Marketing, Interactive Marketing, and Corporate Design together influence Alfamart Brand Equity. While partially, only Sales Promotion, Personal Selling, and Corporate Design has signifcantly influence Alfamart Brand Equity.
Keywords: Integrated Marketing Communication, Brand Equity, Retail Business, Alfamart
Penulis: Jehuda Ghrahito Hutomo Krussell, dan Eristia Lidia Paramita
Kode Jurnal: jpmanajemendd161197

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