Abstract: BlackBerry is a mobile phone made in Canada. BlackBerry was first introduced in 1999, and is presented in Indonesia in mid-December 2004. Since it was first introduced, the BlackBerrywas much in demand by various groups with the support of various mobile operators both CDMA and GSM. However, in these days it has decreased significantly. Most users at the end of 2012 as much as 79 million active use of BlackBerry mobile phones are recorded. But at the end of March 2013it decreased as much as 3 million users and it decreased up to 4 million users at the end of June 2013 who no longer use BlackBerry mobile phone. The final user of BlackBerry mobile phones is 72 million. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of brand characteristics, company characteristics, brand characteristics,and the consumer - perceived benefits to the consumer brand loyalty on BlackBerry mobile phones in STIE TOTALWIN Semarang.
The population in this study were students STIE TOTALWIN Semarang. Based on Slovin formula, the sample size was 100 respondents that were obtained by purposive sampling technique, i.e. students who use BlackBerry phones, at least one month and have experience in using another mobile phone. Primary data was collected through questionnaires and analyzed with multiple linear regression analysis.The results showed that the Brand Characteristics, Company Characteristics, Consumer-Brand Characteristics and Perceived value has significant and positive effect on Brand Loyalty, both partially and simultaneously. Company Characteristics became the biggest factors influencing brand loyalty.
Keyword: Brand Characteristics, Company Characteristics, Consumer-Brand Characteristics, Perceived value, Brand Loyalty
Penulis: Acoktang Acoktang, Diana Aqmala
Kode Jurnal: jpmanajemendd170372

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