Abstract: CV. Aneka Produsi is a private firm that active in textile field. The writer made research in CV. Aneka Produksi which had the quite high job stress of employee due to the work load have to be accomplished, and also the numerous claim among the individuals in the contradiction state did highly affect the mind and need the great responsibility on the job, so it causes psychological stress and affects the physical condition leading to exhaustion. The quite high of job stress affected the quite high turnover intentions level of employee, according to the 2016 datathere were 38 employees resigned of 88 employees. Job satisfaction of the employees of CV. Aneka Produksi was good enough if viewed from the salary system applied which have already been appropriate with the government acts and the very conducive work environment due to supported by the adequate facilities.
This research had the purpose to analyse the effect of job stress on the turnover intentions through job satisfaction as the mediation variable. The sample used were as large as 60 employees of production division which constitute of respondent numbers investigated. Data analysis used the assistance of SmartPLS 3.0. The results of the research indicated thats job stress had the positive and significant effect on the turnoverintentions. The case backed up by the quite high work load indicator may cause employees undergo job stress that may implicate the turnover intentions occurrence. Job satisfaction had the negative and significant effect on turnover intentions, this case indicated that the better the job satisfaction, the lower the turnover intentions level. Job satisfaction capable to mediate between the effect of job stress on turnover intentions. This mediation relationship was indicated by the presence of phenomenon happened in CV. Aneka Produksi, that is, the employees who underwent job stress psychologically may cause job dissatisfaction, the employees did not enthusiastic in working so that implicate to commit the turnover intentions.
Keywords: Job Stress, Turnover Intentions, Job Satisfaction
Kode Jurnal: jpmanajemendd171127

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