ABSTRACT: The ranking of sukuk has an important meaning for the company , financial ratios are used to see where the company rankings are included inboth rankings are investment grade . One of the reasons that made it attractive in the research on the rating agencies sukuk is the development ofIslamic finance is rapidly increasing, so that more sukuk has been done on theratings performance also makes bath Islamic financial institutions issuingsukuk . Sampling purposive sampling method used by the Sharia Boardcriteria (BUS) and Sharia (UUS) listed in the BI and have entered theranking Valuation found 6 companies . This research was conducted in the period 2008-2012. The data used is the data that has been published by each company . The process of data analysis multiple regression analysis . The results showed that the Liquidity , Productivity and Profitability affect the sukuk ratings
Keywords:  Sukuk Ratings , Liquidity , Productivity , Profitability , Leverage and Solvency
Penulis: Ratna Puji Astuti
Kode Jurnal: jpmanajemendd170418

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