Korelasi Kajian Fisikokimia Ekstrak Klika Faloak (Sterculia populifolia DC.) Menggunakan Variasi Pelarut Terhadap Penghambatan Bakteri Patogen

ABSTRACT: Faloak (Sterculia populifolia DC.) is one of species of sterculiaceae found inEast Nusa Tenggara which has potential as a medicinal plant mainly as anantimicrobial. This study aims to determine the correlation ofphysicochemical study of faloak bark extracts with variation of solvents ininhibiting of pathogenic bacteria. The sample was extracted by macerationmethod with different polarity level of solvents i.e acetone, acetone 70%,water, ethanol 96%, ethanol 70% and ethanol 50%. The results of extractionthrough maceration indicate the difference of yield recovery from each of theextraction solvents. The highest yield was obtained from 70% ethanolextract, while the lowest yield of acetone extract. The increase of solvent polarity in this study did not give effect to the amount of recovery of yield. Itis also seen from the highest total phenolic content obtained from 70%acetone extract while the lowest in aquadest extract. The antibacterialactivity of faloak bark extract on Salmonella typhi was tested using agardiffusion method with 1% of extract solution. Both of ethanol 96% andacetone extracts did not show any inhibitory activity. The largest inhibitoryactivity was demonstrated by 50% ethanol extract. The polarity level of theextract, the level of total phenolic content and the magnitude of rendement did not show correlation of increased inhibitory activity on Salmonella thypias well
Kata Kunci: Faloak (Sterculia populifolia DC), variasi pelarut, antimikroba
Penulis: Reny Syahruni
Kode Jurnal: jpfarmasidd180209

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