Karakterisasi Kompleks Inklusi Ketokonazol-Β-Siklodekstrin Menggunakan Metode Co-Grinding Berdasarkan Variasi Mol

Abstrak: The research about characterization inclusion complex of ketoconazole-β-cyclodextrin with co-grinding method, with variations 1:1, 1:2,5 and 1:3 has been done. The formed inclusion complexes characterized by x-ray diffraction, IR spectrofotometer, scanning electron microscope and dissolution test. Dissolution test done based on Indonesian Pharmacopeia V Edition using apparatus type 2. The result of research showed that x-ray diphractogram was decreased the peak intensity and change crystalline form to amorphous form, while from IR spectrofotometer was a bit stretch compare with pure ketoconazole which indicate the formation of complex. Based on the results, concluded that the form of inclusion complex can increased dissolution rate from ketoconazole.
Kata Kunci: Ketoconazole; β-cyclodextrin; Co-grinding
Penulis: Yeni Novita Sari, Syofyan Syofyan, Yella Matagi
Kode Jurnal: jpfarmasidd150610

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