Formulation of The Body Scrub Cream from Purple Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas L.)

Abstract: Anthocyanin is an active compound of purple sweet potato, has effect as anti-oxidative, antiinflammatory, and anti-itching. It make them interesting ingredients for skin treatment. The bioantioxidant body scrub is one of the popular cosmetic products in SPA industry. Their stability property is one crucial factor to develop a purple sweet potato body scrub cream. The steam and oven heating of tuber were involved on the scrub powder preparation. The oven and non-heating preparation scrub powder provided fne-sized powder more than 50%, but the steaming produced granular particle distribution. Total anthocyanin content in scrub grains was 326.8 mg/100 g, 103.3 mg/100 g and34.4 mg/100g for steam preparation, oven and non-heating, respectively. The steamed scrub powder preparation method produced stable anthocyanin content in body scrub cream for 25 days observation.
Keywords: Anthocyanin, body scrub formulation, purple sweet potato
Penulis: I Made A. G. Wirasuta, Ni K. D. Triastuti, Kadek S. Deviyanthi, Dyah A. Sartika, Putu D. Utari
Kode Jurnal: jpfarmasidd180218

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