Critical Role of Intermediaries on Technology Transfer: Case Study of BIOTROP and Center for Mariculture Development of Lampung

Abstract:. Relationship among technology generator and technology user is one of factors determining successful technology transfer, but the existence of intermediaries is proven to enhance the absorptive capacity of technology user, especially in rural areas. Government can enact as intermediary by supporting the relationship generator-user, which is commonly found in agriculture and fishery sectors. The aim of this study is to demonstrate how government can support technology transfer from academic institution to rural industry. Using case study method, this study focused on the critical role of Center for Mariculture Development of Lampung (CMDL) which acts as an intermediary of technology transfer process from Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization- Southeast Asian Regional Center for Tropical Biology (SEAMEO-BIOTROP) to seaweed farmers. This study shows that intermediary agent plays an important role in articulating demand from technology user to technology generator, creating network between adopter-generator, and providing resources (fund, technician, industrial-scale laboratory) for technology commercialization. Intermediary with strong commitment to deliver technology to society is highly needed in successful technology transfer.
Keywords: technology transfer, technology adoption, tissue culture, seaweed, intermediary
Penulis: Karlina Sari, Purnama Alamsyah, Anugerah Yuka Asmara, Kusnandar, Sri Mulatsih
Kode Jurnal: jpmanajemendd170313

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