What information do people want to know about hijamah?

ABSTRACT: When it is done properly, hijamah therapy has no significant side effects, only minimum inconvenience caused by a little intervention on patience’s skin compared to medical treatment using synthetic chemical substance. Though hijamah therapy has given a lot of benefits, only few people choose this therapy. This study aims to explore people’s knowledge on hijamah and kinds of information they want to know about hijamah. The research finding is expected to provide feedback in designing thepromotion media of hijamah as an alternative treatment method. It is a qualitative study withphenomenological approach. Data collecting was conducted from May to June 2017 in four health service facilities; one clinic, one community health centre, one local general hospital, one motherchild hospital through depth interview. Participants in this study were patiences who never had hijamah therapy. Sample selection was done using purposive sampling technique. 17 participants hasinvolved in depth interview and been verified by triangulation method. The scope that the participants wanted to know included the history, age, kinds, location, indication, contra-indication, tools, work process, procedure, position, time, duration, benefits/conditions, safety, effects, evaluation,prevention, carrying out, official holding, hijamah in time of fasting, hijamah and medical treatmentas well as hijamah and traditional treatment. Hijamah terminology has been familiar to thecommunity, but there are still some misunderstandings on hijamah. It is is important for the hijamah providers to give people the right information in order to better promote hijamah as a safe alternative health treatment for the community.
Key words: Information, hijamah
Penulis: Agus Rahmadi
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